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AQ Technology Ltd                  

AQ Technology offers contract sales management for US Semiconductor related companies that want to expand or improve their European profile and turnover. Our experience is mainly with EDA and Semiconductor IP companies. From the start in 1998 we have also done special projects for companies in other areas like Semiconductor Components, Cryptography IP and tools, Test and Failure Analysis, FPGA prototyping and emulation and many others.

  Current IP Clients:



      Fractional, Integer, Ring & LC PLLs, Jitter Cleaner PLLs

      Frac-N PLL with very low jitter

      Real time tuneable Frac-N PLL

      IOT PLL 40 cycles to lock



      SERDES: Multi Protocol High speed serial links from 200Mb/s up to 25Gb/s.

      Bi-Directional LVDS interfaces and Video Display Interfaces

Omni Design Technologies is a developer of high-performance ultra-low power semiconductor embedded IP cores for connected sensors and other applications

Analog and Mixed Signal​
High Performance, Ultra-Low Power ADC, DAC & AFE IP

Connected Sensors
Ultra Low Power IP for Connected Sensors and Internet-of-Things

Wireline Signal Conditioning
Low Power, Protocol Agnostic Multirate Re-Drivers

Wireless Technologies
High Performance Data Converters for Wireless Communication

Current EDA Tool Clients:


Products: Data Management, Design Collaboration Tools, IP management and IP collaboration Tools

Products:   FPGA prototyping systems and debugging tools

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•         L3 Marketing 

AQ Technology Ltd
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